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H20 Activated Foaming Face Wash


We are so excited about our newest of products! This water-activated foaming face wash is extremely gentle, non-drying, and unscented. It is deigned for all skin types, but it's especially amazing for sensitive skin. 
All you need is a little sprinkle of the powdered face wash in your hand, which activates with a little water. We like to sprinkle the powder in one hand, and get our other hand wet, gently messaging together into a lather.
Made with kaolin clay, gluten-free oats, organic jojoba oil, and a very gentle and mild coconut oil-derived surfactant. This dry powder turns into a rich velvety lather, deep cleaning your pores with gentleness. Our testers raved about this face wash, no matter if they are prone to oily or dry skin. 

We highly recommend using one of our nourishing serums or your favorite moisturizer after the H20 Activated Face Wash, to keep your skin happy and moisturized. 

This product is also awesome for travel, as it's lightweight and not a liquid. 

Kaolin clay, sodium cocoyl isethionate (gentle coconut oil-derived), gluten-free oats, organic jojoba oil.

To use:
A little goes a long way! To activate our face wash, sprinkle a very small amount into the palm of one hand (less than a dime-size). Dampen the other hand with a little water and rub your palms together to form a lather. Then rub on your face and wash away. You'll quickly get the hang of it! 
We recommend not keeping it in your shower in order to keep it dry. We keep it next to our sink or just within arms reach of our shower. Both ways work well to keep the contents dry.