Julie’s Quick Teriyaki Sauce

This sauce is awesome, and so much better than what you can buy in the stores. It’s great to keep on hand in the fridge, and use for sautéing tofu, veggies, as a dipping sauce or to top cooked rice or grains.




  1. In a large measuring cup (or in a blender jar), combine soy sauce, water, agave garlic, ginger and sesame oil. Using a stick or immersion blender (unless you are already using a regular blender), blend until smooth. Add xanthan gum and blend well again. The xanthan gum should thicken up the sauce mixture. If necessary, add another pinch ofr xanthan gum and blend again. Be careful not to add too much xanthan gum, or sauce could develop a slimy texture.
  2. If desired, stir in chili flakes and a couple of spoonfuls of thinly sliced scallions. Transfer to a sealed jar and refrigerate until ready to use.
  3. Tip: Only add scallions if using the sauce within a day. Otherwise add the scallions once you are ready to use the sauce.


Copyright © 2009 Julie Hasson