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Palo Santo Incense Bundle

Palo Santo Incense Bundle


These bundles come with a handmade white ceramic incense dish, a jar of our incredible Palo Santo incense blend, and a book of our branded matches. Vintage wooden box not included.

Our incense is a loose blend of Palo Santo wood, eucalyptus, rosemary, cedar, and Frankincense + Myrrh resin. There is no additional scent added to our incense blend, only what is naturally occurring in the wood, leaves and resin.

It fills your space with an amazing aroma, reminiscent of a campfire in the forest. This blend will last a long time, as you blow out the flame soon after lighting it. Place a small amount in a heat-proof dish, and relight briefly anytime you need to clear or freshen your space.

This sacred blend comes in a cool glass jar with a black lid, along with one ceramic dish of your choosing from the list below, plus one of our signature matchbooks. Makes a perfect gift, and is a wonderful way to clear your space of negative or un-needed energy. Palo Santo is traditionally used in ceremonies by shamans in Peru to purify houses and take out the bad energy.

This jar of incense will last a very long time, as you can re-light your dish over and over again. Simply scoop a small spoonful into a heat-proof ceramic dish, light for a moment and then blow out the flame.