Spreadable Chedda Cheese

Who would have thought that only a few ingredients would yield a smooth and creamy sauce that is utterly addictive? We like this better than real cheddar! Serve it on tacos, burritos, mix with cooked macaroni or spread on top of baked pizza or tortillas. My kids even like it spread on toast. If you don’t have a powerful blender, see note below.




  1. In jar of blender, combine 1 cup water and cashews. Blend mixture at high speed until completely smooth and no bits of nuts remain. Add the remaining water, nutritional yeast, onion, garlic, smoked paprika, salt and paprika, blending until very smooth.
  2. With machine on low speed, add the Instant Clearjel, blending until smooth. The cheese will take about 10 minutes to thicken completely.
  3. Serve right away, or store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
  4. /2 cups


Tip: If you don’t have a powerful blender, soak the cashews in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes (or cool water refrigerated overnight). Blend water and cashews until completely smooth and transfer to a food processor to blend with the spices and Instant clearjel.

Copyright © 2009 Julie Hasson